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Neonate: Reincarnates The Greats

High Fashion Reincarnation Through Our Touch For People To Wear By Living On It.

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Reborn To Be Worn

From a ramified metaphor inspired by societal innuendo, Neonate dives head-on into the pits of creativity in providing the finest products that can get the best out of you.  As an enigma of high street culture awakened by distorted human behavior, we’re providing an escape and encouragement for our users to surpass their own limit, especially in self-expression

Our Founder

The ones who started it all.

Shahir Hamdan

The biography of our founder

Graduated in Master Education (Sport Science) from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). As a personal trainer, Syahir has been active in the fitness industry since 2011 but also has the eyes and  brain for fashion.

Word from our founder

Your tremendous support is the reason why we’re still here. This time, we’re going global.

Our best quote

If you have dreams, make it happen. Stop fantasizing.

Karl Shafek

The biography of our founder

A TV-Friendly face in Malaysia, hosting various programs from entertainment, reality and travel to talk shows. Other than hosting, Karl also made several appearances in TV dramas, stage plays and movies.  For the love of fashion and his extensive experience in graphic design, he poured his ideas into producing his own clothing line.

Word from our founder

Thank you for you undying support towards us, especially those who’ve been here since day 1, back in 2014.

Our best quote

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.